My car sold to the first person who came and saw it.  I had it for five years, and was working on restoring it, but it was just going to be too much money in the end.  So, I sold it, and got my Camaro for the same amount I received for my old '70 Chevelle.  It had a 396 cubic inch engine, factory air conditioning, and a ton of power.  These pictures are from when I first got it in California, but unfortunately Iowan winters were not kind to the car, and it didn't look quite this sharp when I sold it.  All in all, I got five years of driving out of the car, and sold it for $1,000 more than I bought it for, so I figure I came out ahead.  Below are some old pictures of it, I miss it from time to time, but I like not having my car break down every month now!