Opening Weekend

I listened to an interesting band at Septemburfest. One of my friends from high school has a band called The Toboggan Brothers, and apparently they now play every Friday night in Iowa City at Diamond Dave's. You can get four of their MP3 files here, yes, they're legal, so don't sue me. ";->" I'm getting a lot of errands taken care of this morning. I paid some bills, took out the trash, tidied up my apartment, and just finished writing a letter to the Human Resources Department. Last spring, I went to the office to find out if I was eligble for tution reimbursement as a "temporary" employee, as the employee handbook didn't make any distinction. I was told that I was eligble, since I had worked for the University for at least six months. They gave me the forms to fill out, and told me to bring them back when I received my grades. Flash forward a few months, and now I'm told that I was given incorrect information, that I am not eligible to be reimbursed, and that someone in the office made a mistake. This mistake will cost me a couple hundred dollars, so I'm not taking it lightly. I am, however, civil about this, and wrote the following e-mail this morning, in an attempt to persuade the University to make an exception in my case:


A few weeks ago, I spoke with Michelle in your office as part of a benefits overview. I've been a "temporary" employee of the College of Humanities & Fine Arts since last July, and will most likely become "permanent" later this week. Last spring, I stopped by the HR department to ask about being reimbursed for tuition, since I was a temporary employee. I was told that it didn't matter, since I'd worked for the University for six months. I was told I'd be eligible to apply for reimbursement, even though I was considered "temporary".

I was given the necessary forms, and told to fill them after I got my grade for the class I took this summer. I signed up and paid for the class, took it, and received an A-. When I talked to Michelle this fall, she told me that I'd been given incorrect information, and that I was not eligible for reimbursement. However, since the error was on the part of your office, she suggested that I take it up with you (you were on vacation at the time, I believe) and see if an exception might be made in my case, since I was apparently mislead by a mistaken member of your staff. Is there a time I could meet with you to discuss this situation?



Yup, I'm officially sick. Time to swallow some Dayquil, curl up on the couch, and stare blankly at the ceiling. What a great day off, why couldn't I get sick tomorrow so I could stay home from work?

For you non-sports fans out there, this was the big opening weekend for both Collegiate and Professional football. My beloved Cyclones won their first game against Ohio, and the Vikings managed to beat the Bears, though it looked grim in the third quarter...