Paris: Day 4, Part Deux

We found a neighborhood restauraunt that served Italian food, and Holly had some lasagna that she said was excellent.  I ordered a ham and mozzarella pannini sandwich, which was pretty good, but the fries that came with it were much better.

We then walked over to the dock near the Eiffel Tower, and presented our 25% off coupons for a Seine river boat ride.  The boat holds hundreds of passengers, but we found seats on the starboard side and the boat got underway just after dark.

There are a lot of options for river boat cruises, and I think we chose the most crowded one, but we enjoyed it anyway.  Paris at night is gorgeous, and it was a calm clear night to see the city.  The tour took about an hour, and we both agreed it was one of the high points of our trip so far.

After we were dropped off back at the Eiffel Tower, Holly bought a crepe and I got an ice cream cone, and we strolled south as we ate them.  Holly had figured out that the Eiffel Tower sparkles at the top of every hour for 10 minutes, so we sat and waited for the 11:00 show, before turning in for the night.