Any Given Tuesday

I watched the film Any Given Sunday last night. It's Oliver Stone's take on professional football. While it was certainly a gripping film, the editing got really annoying sometimes. I don't want to watch football that's cut like an MTV rap video, I couldn't tell you what half of the plays were in the film, since you'd only see one player at a time, who somehow got the ball just in time to be tackled. While the movie portrayed much of what is wrong with professional football, it failed to portray what is right. The strategy of play calling, of making critical decisions under pressure, is not even touched upon in this movie. If Stone is to be believed, the quarterback just kind of makes it all up as he goes. I just finished filling out a really stupid application form. Apparently, the University now requires P&S people to fill out an application form just like the ones used at McDonald's. Previously, our resume was all we needed to apply for a position, now we're also given a four-page form to complete. Half of the form are boxes where you're supposed to list your four previous work experiences, it notes that the information can be the same as on your attached resume, but you can not substitute the resume for filling out the boxes. So, I just spent 15 minutes of hand copying my resume into boxes that are far too small to hold the information they ask for.

Another line reads:

Are you now or have you ever been employed by the University of Northern Iowa, another Iowa Board of Regents institution, or other state of Iowa agency? If yes, state name of institution/agency, position held and dates:

Okay, they give you one line to answer that. Am I supposed to include all of the student positions I held at Iowa State, or just the full-time position I hold at UNI? I held at least 10 different student positions in my 5 years at ISU! On one line? Right!

At the very end of the form, it says:

I understand that any offer of employment made to me by the University of Northern Iowa may be conditional upon my passing a pre-employment substance abuse test and/or physical examination, if required.

I'm not worried about passing this, I've never even smoked a cigarrette, much less a joint, but do they really need to do drug testing on PC Support Specialists?