Bula from Nadi, Fiji

We've made it as far as Nadi, Fiji, where I'm using the world's worst keyboard to type this out as I wait for our plane tto Kadavu. The plane only holds 8 people, and there were 9 in our party, so 3 of us are catching the second flight. We killed a few hours taking a taxi into a nearby city, but I don't know the name. Was a bit strange, we were the only white folks around, and it was an Indo-Fijean area, so it was sort of like suddenly finiding yourself in Bombay. We bought a few things, braved a sidewalk food stand, and then came back to the airport to catch our next fllightt. I wouldn't expect to hear from me for the next 8 days though, I doubt I'lll find a computer annd net connection there, though the keyboard has to work better t han this one.