I had a headhunter call me today, trying to recruit for an IT position in Waterloo.  I'm extremely direct when I get these calls, because most of the time, they're not willing to pay anything close to what I'm making now, or their benefits are laughable in comparison to the University's.  They generally find me via a Google search of my resume because I match a number of their keywords.  I've found that simply laying out what I make now (our salaries are open, as state employees) and saying that they'll need to beat that will get rid of most "recruiters" in short order, and today proved to be no exception.  The job market for IT people in Iowa is tightening quite a bit, but there really are very few firms that are large enough (and pay well enough) to need someone with my skills, and most of the ones that do have stacks of people lining up to get in the doors, they don't need to have recruiters cold-calling people they find on Google.