Impending Doom

John apparently has an exhibitionist streak to him that I never knew about. I certainly wasn't expecting to find this picture at his site. Iowa's still the Cyclone State. ISU defeated the University of Iowa once again, making it three in a row. I watched the game on TV, shelling out twelve bucks to do so, since my girlfriend's sister didn't have local channels with her mini-dish. It was worth it. Especially when you consider that $12 is half of the price of one ticket if you attend in person.

You can tell when an Internet company is not going to survive. AllAdvantage, who started out offering 50 cents an hour to surf with their advertising bar active, has now cut that to 20 cents an hour. Oh, and you can no longer surf for 30 hours maximum, only 20. Oh, and we also only send you checks after you've accumulated at least $30 instead of $20. Oh, and by the way, those checks that used to come after three weeks? They now take at least 45 days. Those checks that should take 45 days? Well, they're coming, I promise! Check out the e-mail I just got below, I have a check coming for about $45 from them:

Dear Seth,

You earned enough money in your account at the end of July to receive a payment from We do our best to mail payments to members 45 days after the end of the month. Unfortunately, we missed our deadline this month. Your check is scheduled to be mailed before the 25th of September. Sorry for the delay.

Member Payments Team