King Corn

I went to a screening of King Corn last night in Waterloo, and it's being shown elsewhere in Iowa in the coming days. Admission was free (popcorn wasn't) and the three guys who made the movie were there for question and answer following the screening. It was an interesting film, about two easterners who move to Greene, Iowa to raise an acre of corn. They then attempt to figure out where their corn is going in the food supply, and try to examine the implications of our massive grain production. I was expecting this to be a more radical movie trying to convince people to give up meat, go Vegan, and only eat organic bean sprouts, but I was happily surprised to be wrong, as it's far more even-handed, and Aaron Woolf made it clear after the showing that they didn't claim to have all the answers, they just wanted to start the discussion.

View the trailer here, and here are upcoming screenings in Iowa:

* Cedar Rapids, Iowa — December 12: CSPS, 7pm

* Eldora, Iowa — December 13: Grand Theater, 7pm

* Cedar Falls, Iowa — December 14: College Square Theater, 7pm

* Clear Lake, Iowa — December 15: The Lake Theater, 4pm

* Fairfield, Iowa — December 16: The Co-Ed Theater, 11 am