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I watched I Dreamed of Africa last night. This movie has beautiful scenery, decent acting, and piss poor writing. Maybe some of these events were connected better in real life, or in the book, but the movie is written for those with Attention Deficit Disorder. There are forty mini-stories in the movie, almost none of which have any resolution, or play any bearing on anything that happens afterwards. The most frustrating one was this egg that hung above Kim Basinger's bed. Her husband tells here there is a secret message inside, her son repeats that in another scene, her daughter gazes at the egg longingly, but the movie never tells us what's in the egg! I gave this movie 5 out of 10 points, mostly for the cinematography. Start spreadin' the news... I'm leaving in two weeks... I got the job over at CSBS. I don't know for sure when I'm starting yet, they're going to work it all out with CHFA, my current employer. Why am I leaving? More money, both in my salary, and in the coffers of that college. They're allocated the same amount as CHFA by the University, but have a fewer number of computer labs to outfit with that money. This translates into an easier time doing my job, and having the money to buy the tools I need.

It looks like my trusty Visor is already out of date. Actually, I don't see any real reason to upgrade to one of these, so I won't be ditching it anytime soon. I don't need color on my PDA, especially not for $450! UNI pays for my cell phone, so I don't really need it integrated with my personal PDA either.

I solved a PageMaker frustration this morning, thanks to this document from Adobe. If you're running Windows NT or Windows 2000, and you get the error "Can't find PageMaker's registry settings" when you try to run it as anyone other than an Administrator, this will fix it for you. Now I just have to sit down at all 25 computers in the Communication Studies Lab and modify the registries...

I discovered, via Slashdot, a Macintosh web site, called MacSlash, that is using the Slash code. I like being able to display the comments in a flat format, and the moderation system that the system offers.

Yet another new weblog from someone I know, J Dylan started a weblog last night. Hopefully this one will last longer than Jeremy's, which can probably be declared dead, since it's been almost a month without a single update. Liz is still going strong, even if I don't like the theme she's using for the look of her site. ";->"