Not cool

So, Friday night I went to grab myself an ice cream sandwich from the fridge (the Hy-Vee ones with Shawn Johnson's photo on the box) and the box went "squish" when I grabbed it. Unfortunately, everything else in our freezer was also squishy, and everything in our refrigerator was warmer than it should have been. We spent the next few minutes rapidly sorting what could be saved and what couldn't, and cramming as much as we could into the little dorm-fridge I use for pop & beer in the basement, and anything salvageable from the freezer (not much) into our deep freeze. Our refrigerator came with our house, and we've never been thrilled with it, as it sticks out a little too far into our galley kitchen, and it's too short for me to easily see/place things on the top shelf, and it's the wrong color for our appliances, so, we decided to buy a new one. After checking Sears, Lowe's, Home Depot, and Best Buy, we finally decided on this model. It's a bit pricey, and more than I was hoping to spend, but we space constraints due to our kitchen cabinets that ruled out about 95% of the refrigerators in the stores, leaving us with few actual choices. We found a cheaper side-by-side that would fit at Home Depot, but the construction of it was garbage. Holly removed one of the shelves in the door to try moving it up, and couldn't get it to go back in. The Home Depot guy helping us then spent about 3 minutes of grunting and straining to put the shelf back, and as this floor model was the only one they had left, we decided we'd opt for the nicer Kenmore model (though Lowe's has the whirlpool version of this refrigerator for the exact same price).

So, now we get to eat out of my dorm fridge for the next week and a half, until our refrigerator arrives. There's not much room in there, so I see a lot of frozen pizzas and trips to the grocery store in our future. It's a good thing the store is only a mile away.