Moving On

It's my last day at CHFA Tech, so I'm taking it easy. My goals for today include:

  • Installing Windows 2000 on a Sony VAIO Notebook

  • Cleaning out my desk
  • Copying all of my documents and MP3's to my new workstation across campus
  • Taking my personal Voodoo 3 card out of my computer here, leaving it with only one video card. The new guy will have to dig up a PCI card on his own if he wants dual-display. ";->"
  • Collecting the other bits of personal hardware and books I've got scattered around, or substitutes therefore (I know that we used my PCMCIA network card in one of these laptops...)
  • Slacking off
  • Collecting 2,200 more Pepsi Points
  • Toting a box with my desk contents to my new office
  • Wiping my workstation clean
  • Destroying my accounts on the servers (What? You need help with that? Oh, I'd help you, but I don't have an account anymore...)