I've been using Mozy ( now owned by EMC) for the last couple of months for my home PC, and I'm pretty impressed. The initial backup takes a while, (14 hours for me) due to the slow uploads that are typical of residential cable internet, but my daily backups tend to take less than a minute, since the software is smart enough to back files up at the block level, rather than the file level. With a little Googling for coupons, it wound up costing me about $40 for a year of unlimited backup service, which seems reasonable to get all my files, photos, and tax records automatically out of the house daily to save me from disaster. I also looked at their MozyPro service, which is actually pretty decently priced as compared to the backup service I run at work. They charge $6.95 per server per month, plus 50 cents per GB per month. The major downside that I see is that you can only restore from the last 30 days. That's really all you need for disaster recovery, of course, but it doesn't protect you from the user who deletes something and doesn't notice it's gone until the next semester.

While I don't think Mozy is going to be replacing our campus backup system anytime soon, it might be a viable alternative for those areas who are doing workstation backups, as it eliminates the need to leave the machine on for the scheduled backup job (Mozy just runs whenever the user turns the box on). Workstations are cheaper than servers, at $3.95/month + 50cents/GB.