Danny DeVito

Misheard song lyric of the day: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana The real lyrics were: A mulatto, An albino, A mosquito, My libido!

But I misheard them as: A mulatto, An albino, A mosquito, Danny DeVito!

The embarrassing moment of revelation: All these years I've been wondering how Danny DeVito must feel about having his name in a Nirvana song. But lo and behold, last night I was watching MTV and they listed all the lyrics. The real ones make more sense, but mine are funnier, right?

My copy of Norton SystemWorks 2001 showed up, finally I have Norton Utilities for Windows 2000! I'll have to play with it more tonight at home.

It's my first day on the job at CSBS. I've introduced myself to all of the secretaries and department heads. Now my mission is to get a better keyboard and mouse, and a phone with an analog jack on it...