Jungle Disk

I installed Jungle Disk on my home PC last night to use for backing up my personal data. I've been using Mozy for the last year, and was pretty happy with it, but since I don't back up a ton of data, I think Jungle Disk will be slightly cheaper, and has a few unique features. I chose RackSpace as the location to store my data, though Amazon's S3 service is the default. They both charge 15 cents per GB per month to host your data, but S3 charges an additional bit for every GB you transfer in or out, and RackSpace doesn't charge that. I'm not sure why it defaults to S3, when RackSpace is cheaper, but it does.

I'm very curious about their "Enterprise" offering. The rate they're charging is very very low, but at the same time, they aren't EMC, they aren't Symantec, and I wonder how many enterprises are really ready to trust their data to Jungle Disk...

I'm using the Desktop edition, and I like that it lets you also mount your backup space as a drive, though I was a bit dismayed at first that I had to schedule a particular time to do my backups, as I tend to leave my PC asleep. Going through the options, I saw it had the ability to wake my PC from sleep, as well as perform my backups at the next time the machine was on, which is how I actually prefer to run it. I also liked that it let me throttle bandwidth usage during certain hours of the day, so that I can turn it loose from midnight to 6:00 a.m., but it won't eat up all my bandwidth when I'm likely to be using it. I do wish that it would let me configure separate settings based on days of the week though, I'd be fine with giving up all of my bandwidth during weekdays too, but not on weekends.