A Colorado man has confessed to killing a few of his wives, as well as some of his children. The catch? He's about to die of natural causes. He's been arrested, and is being held without bail. Yeah, that'll teach him... My second issue of Yahoo! Internet Life came yesterday. It contains a great interview with Al Gore, in which it becomes very clear that he understands technology issues. It's refreshing to see a politician who uses technology terms correctly, and who really understands how things work. I'm so used to pointy-haired bosses who need help formatting disks, I'll vote for him based on his technical knowledge alone! Here's an excerpt:

Y-Life: Let's begin with a geek equipment check. Are you a PC or a Mac guy?

Gore: [Resignedly] Aw, PC. I was a long-time holdout for the Mac. I wish sometimes I hadn't given in, but so much software was available earlier for the PC, I finally switched over. But I still feel badly about it. [Laughs] I'm so happy the Mac's making a comeback. That's really cool. And [Apple CEO] Steve Jobs - well, I'm rooting for Steve.

Y-Life: You figure you have the Mac vote anyway?

Gore: Listen, it wasn't a political choice. Sheer necessity!

Y-Life: So you work in Windows. And your computer is...?

Gore: An IBM ThinkPad. I carry it everywhere with me, pull it out of the trunk every night when I'm traveling.

Y-Life: So the Vice President of the United States jacks in his laptop in a hotel room every night, just like the rest of us?

Gore: [Smiling] No, I have a secure connection. I'm on the National Security Agency, and I communicate regularly on national security matters. But now I long on - hey, I dial up from a hotel room, too, if that's all there is.

Y-Life: Surely you have good wireless from Air Force Two.

Gore: It's tough on Air Force Two. Military technology is behind the curve. I got 'em to put commercial in there, but it's still primitive. Everyone's still primitive communicating up in the air.

You know, I'm really a device guy. I'm hungry for the transition from the PC to devices to happen.

Y-Life: You mean like the Palm. Which we suspect you have.

Gore: Hey, I was a beta tester for the Palm VII! Tipper helped arrange it for me as a birthday present two years ago. it's fun, but suddently I realized that I was using most to show people I had it! [Laughs]

Actually, I just bought a couple of [Handspring] Visors for the kids. They love them. And hey, that digicam you slide onto the Visor - really cool! Of course, Palm is coming back at them with a $149 model. So we'll see.