New Look

Space Shuttle Discovery has made it home, safe and sound. Even after the Challenger disaster, I sometimes think that most people don't realize how dangerous going into space is. That said, I'm still waiting for my turn, I'd go tomorrow... Gore has taken the lead in tonight's Gallup/CNN/USA Today tracking poll. The poll actually combines the last several days, but it's good news for the Gore camp. As the Curmudgeon wrote:

Gore's popularity increases the less people see him. That conforms to the conventional wisdom that people are more in tune with Gore on the issues, but find Bush better on likeability and leadership.

I'm getting really tired of replacing broken floppy drives. Since starting my job at "CSBS" three weeks ago, I've replaced seven floppy drives. That's an incredible failure rate, and of course, most of them are in the older "Gateway" computers that aren't under warranty anymore...

Cartoonists hoping for a Bush victory? Garry Trudeau, of Doonesbury fame, had this comment to make in this Washington Post article:

"From the standpoint of pure professional self-interest, virtually everybody in my business would love to see Bush elected. He's the new Quayle—a highly stable target because his flaw is a condition he can't do anything about—and isn't likely to change. Gore, on the other hand, is only as good a target as he allows himself to be. 'Stiffness' doesn't give you much to work with, and I don't see an enduring liability in his 'dishonesty'—in actuality a flaw the media assigned him for balance, but which is now creating serious blowback (as in, surprise—Bush lies, too!)."

I'm playing around with a new look for my site today. While looking over the themes available, I realized that what I had was very close to the existing SideMat theme, but that SideMat had some features that my design didn't. I run at pretty high resolutions, and SideMat will run text all the way out to the right side of the browser, fitting more information on a screen. It also has those neat highlighting links, and it just looks a little better than what I did..

The site looks a little bland right now, I need to personalize it some more before I'll be satisfied.