Okay, cases of mistaken identity can happen on the Internet, but when they do, have the brains to realize it. This joker contacted me via AOL Instant Messager this afternoon. I'm sethb2 (duh), he's the other guy: PRO Matamy: hey seth
sethb2: Hello...who's this?
sethb2: Hello?
PRO Matamy: its matt, ure cousin, hows joanna?
sethb2: I think you have me confused with someone else ";->"
PRO Matamy: no
sethb2: Yes
PRO Matamy: i think i dont
sethb2: Well, I have no cousin Matt
sethb2: or know anyone named JoAnna
sethb2: So tell me who you think I am
PRO Matamy: seth B, seth bernstein
PRO Matamy: hey, got signed off
sethb2: Nope, I'm Seth Bokelman, sorry!
PRO Matamy: no, ure sorry, thatgs not ure name
sethb2: Whatever retard, check out my web site:
sethb2: http://www.sethb.com/
PRO Matamy: i dotn no what ure talkin about
sethb2: Nor can you spell, apparently...

Was I polite? Not at all. He was wasting my time, and he had poor punctuation and spelling, both are things that annoy me...

Living under a hole in the sky: Children with fair skin in Chile can only be outside for 7 minutes at a time, or risk skin damage. How long before the hole in the Ozone Layer spreads to where you are?

Scientists now think that the increase in the size of the hole isn't just due to CFC's, but also blame global warming

More recently, however, evidence has mounted that global warming, not just the CFCs and HCFCs, can also cause ozone depletion. Virtually all members of the reputable scientific community believe that much of the current trend of global warming can be attributed to human use of non-renewable sources of energy. And they believe that many of the bizarre ecological and climatic phenomena of the past few years -- the record high temperatures and the shrinking of the polar ice caps, for example -- can be attributed to global warming.

So who are you voting for?

Gore has pledged to sign the 1997 Kyoto Treaty, which calls for countries to reduce their use of fossil fuel to stem global warming and is the subject of a gathering of world leaders in The Hague later this month. Texas Gov. George W. Bush opposes the treaty and maintains -- against virtually all the available evidence -- that the jury is still out on the causes and impact of global warming.

New Manila Feature: Referers! Now you can see how people find this site. This page shows where people came from to get here. I find it amusing how many people find my site by typing in "Funny Naked People" because of the blurb I wrote about the Jon Stewart book...

In case you haven't seen a news program in the last 16 hours, George W. Bush has 'fessed up to drunk driving. A Maine television station broke the news that Bush was arrested in 1976 in Kennebunkport for drunk driving.

So much for restoring the dignity of the Oval Office. It's one thing to have a problem with alcohol, I can have some empathy for that. It's another thing to recklessly endanger other people by getting behind the wheel of an automobile after drinking. I drink alcohol from time to time, but I certainly don't drive afterwards. I have friends who have been arrested for drunk driving, they're not bad people, but at the same time, none of them are responsible enough that I would vote for them to become our President.

Is this report politically motivated? Possibly, but it's not like Bush couldn't have mentioned this a little earlier. He had to know that his little secret would come out eventually, but he didn't even prepare his own family:

He pleaded guilty to the charge and paid a fine, but did not publicly acknowledge the arrest before because "I didn't want to talk about this in front of my daughters," Bush said. The Texas governor's daughters did not know about their father's arrest before Thursday, according to the Bush campaign.

Is he living in denial? I'm amazed that it took this long for the story to come out. I don't think that you should hold everything a person did in their past against them, but there's a big difference between smoking a little weed in college, and being convicted of drunk driving...

Pressed tonight on why he had not previously acknowledged the arrest, Mr. Bush said he had wanted to serve as a role model to his two daughters and made "the decision that as a dad I didn't want my daughters doing the kinds of things that I did."

You don't become a role model by covering up your sins, you become a role model by committing fewer and less egregious ones...