Out and about in Omaha

Rather than go to the bars, Thursday night we wound up at Harvey's Casino in Council Bluffs.  It's a riverboat, at least in the sense that it can be detached and float when legally necessary.  I didn't realize we were on a boat until someone told me, I'd wondered why it was so cramped...  Anyhow, I'm not a big-time gambler, I usually stick to the nickel machines, but I did come out $4.50 ahead when we left.

Yesterday morning, Jeremy and I went to the SAC Museum. You don't realize how big a B-52 Bomber is until you're standing underneath one.  The U-2, SR-71, and B-17 also were very impressive.  It's worth a visit if you're near Omaha, admission was $6 for adults, cheaper for children under 12, and free for children under 5. My biggest shock was that the snack bar is actually reasonably priced, I got a donut and a glass of milk for $1.50, not too shabby for a tourist-trap.

Later we ate at Old Chicago, they've got 110 differnt kinds of beer.  I, not looking at the menu, ordered a bottle of Woodchuck's Amber Apple Cider, which turned out to be $4.25, the most expensive thing on the menu!  I stuck to the English import Woodpecker Cider after that, only $3.50 for a draw, a bargain in comparison.