There are apparently several cases involving absentee ballots now being brought in the Florida courts, according to this story from CNN.  The suits are being brought by individual voters, not the Gore campaign.  It'll be interesting to see whether Gore sticks to his mantra of "count every vote" if his appeal to the Florida Supreme Court is denied.  I don't think he'll push it beyond that, he may concede at that point.  But does a concession carry legal weight? I don't think so.  If a court decides that one of these absentee ballot cases has merit, and throws out the votes, Gore should receive Florida's electoral votes, regardless of whether or not he's already given up.

I'm guessing that it's a good time to own stock in a voting machine company, as there will certainly be many state and local governments who want to replace their antiquated machinery after this fiasco.

I spent a good chunk of my morning at the dentist's office.  What fun!  I had my routine cleaning, and then was advised that I have a cavity that needs filling.  It's in a tooth that already has a big filling in it, and the dentist suspects that it's going to need a crown eventually, so why not just do it now?  Well, money, for one thing!  I've never had anything more complicated than a filling done to my teeth, and I don't really want to venture into the world of root canals, caps and crowns before my time.  I'm going to talk to the Human Resources folks and find out how much of this our dental plan covers, and how much I'm going to have to fork over out of my pocket.  I did, however, donate the toothbrush they gave me to charity.  I use an electric toothbrush at home, and a fancy one with bristles at about 16 different angles when I travel, so I don't really need a "plain" toothbrush.  The Honors program here is accepting them (only new ones, not used!) to donate to some charity group locally.  I kept my floss, however.