Zero Visibility

My girlfriend and I drove the hundred miles or so from Cedar Falls, Iowa to my grandparents' house in Ventura, Iowa.  The roads weren't too slippery, but there was almost no visibility, due to the blowing snow.

We were doing fine, I was driving her Ford Taurus, until we got about a mile from my grandparents' house, where we promptly got stuck in the snow.  We were on a gravel road, and the wind was blowing in excess of 40 mph.  Fortunately, we'd called ahead when we got close, and my Uncle came down to pull us out with the 4x4 pickup.  He pulled us out, drove the truck through a couple times, and then we attempted to follow, only to get stuck again.

About this time, my grandparents pulled , up behind us having picked up my parents from the airport in Minneapolis.  Between my dad, uncle, and I, we got the car dug out, chained up, and pushed through the snow bank, and we all arrived back at the farm at the same time, thoroughly frozen. 

Here, inside the grove, it's not so bad.  Outside, where the wind chill was in excess of 50°F below, my goattee froze the instant I climbed out of the car after getting stuck.  I was half frozen before retrieving my heavy coat from the back seat.  We had enough emergency stuff with us, we wouldn't have been in any danger had we been stuck there, and we had a cell phone in any case.  I could have managed the mile walk to my grandparents in that cold, but I'm really glad I didn't have to...