In case you haven't noticed, I added a small version of the web cam I set up yesterday to this page.  Click on the image, and you'll be taken to a much larger version of it, on a page that reloads every thirty seconds.  I can pretty much guarantee that this will not be exciting at all, especially since it's only on while I'm at work.  But, if you've got some morbid curiousity about what IT people do all day at work, feel free to watch.  If you catch me doing something funny, send me the file, and I'll put it up here...

Okay, since everyone else is doing it, I went ahead and made myself a little avatar also:


Update:  My girlfriend made one of herself for me to post as well.  The cat is just wishful thinking on her part:

HollyAvatar: My girlfriend

Yesterday, I asked what "Ginger" was, and speculated it was perhaps an alternate form of transportation from the description that had been given.  Macintouch has a link this morning, showing a patent application from the inventor.  It looks like I was right, though I'm not sure if this will catch on or not, it all depends on range and speed.  If it can do better than 10 miles an hour, I'd ride one to work...