The University is cancelling classes at 4:00 p.m., due to the bad weather.  I get to go home a whole hour early.  Since I was already planning on going home an hour early, now I'll go home at 3:00!  I need to take care of some stuff at my apartment office, I figured by going home at 4:00, I'd get there before they left.  Since they're part of the university, I'll need to get there at 3 now, since they'll be going home early too...

I watched the SuperBowl last night, I admit it.  I even brought home a video projector from work, so I could pretend I had a big-screen TV for the night.

I really didn't care too much about the game, as my beloved Minnesota Vikings had lost the NFC Championship game to the Giants two weeks ago, by a score of 41-0.

Some of the commercials were really funny, and some were almost funny, and others were completely lame.  If you haven't seen any of these, head on over to and you can watch them in either Quicktime or Windows Media Player formats.

Winners: The Bob Dole Pepsi ad, the Volkswagon in the tree ad, the E-Trade Monkey ad, and the E-Trade Matrix ad.  I also liked the guy with the voice box blasting the Tobacco companies, and the extremely white guys in the "Wassup?" commercial.

Losers: The EDS ad with the squirrels wasn't as good as last year's ad with the cats, the Pepsi machine knocking Kasparov down an elevator ad, and the Levi's 569 re-issued jeans.

I was underwhelmed by the spinning instant replay cameras.  The video looked like it was shot through some little webcams that were intended for computers, way too blurry for me.  Also, they need more cameras around the stadium, the frame rate on that pan was unacceptable to me.  Show it to me again in five years...

Why was there a sock on Britney Spears' arm?

Why did they let the Backstreet Boys sing the national anthem?  And Boys, here's a tip, if you're going to sing the national anthem, try not to look like complete losers, maybe dress up a little.  Just a thought.

Did anyone else notice that "Fuck" and "Mother Fucker" were both broadcast over the air while the players were being introduced? Apparently, someone at CBS then decided that maybe they should broadcast on a few seconds delay, and cut out the rest of the swearing.