Think Titanium

Time is running a piece about recycling old computers.  We send a great deal of ours to the University auction, especially old monitors and printers.  I send the 486 computers to auction, but the Pentiums I generally strip the good parts out of, and toss the rest in a dumpster.  We've still got a lot of them in service, and to keep costs down, I hoard the old floppy, CD-ROM, and hard drives.

We had an Apple demo today on campus.  They had free donuts, so of course I went.  Everyone I talked to was there to see the new Titanium Powerbook.  Unfortunately, there wasn't one to be seen, as Apple couldn't get one to their own reps to demo to us.  This would be a classic example of, as Steve Jobs put it, Apple "f***ing up" in the education market.

You've got a captive audience of people who have come to see a hot product, many of which are waiting to have a hands-on experience before buying, and you can't even get a demo unit to your own employees to make the sale.  This is why Dell is getting the bulk of our business.