Good News!

Why am I not suprised?  Mac OS X isn't going to support several "goodies" when it ships, according to this article at ZDNet.  When it comes out later this month, you'll be unable to play DVD movies, or use Apple's iTunes and iMovie software.  It's pretty sad when Apple can't even get their own software ready in time for the launch of the OS.  This means you can expect to see third party applications available sometime around 2010...

Good news from my mom today regarding my sister's MRI!  Here's the e-mail:

The MRI showed no malignancy and seemed to indicate that it may be a lymph node. she has an apt with her ENT next Friday so I will keep you posted as to what he says. His office staff yesterday said she could wait until her next regular apt but they called again today. I have no idea when he thought her apt was!