It's pretty sad that I haven't written anything on this weblog for several days, considering I haven't been busy at all. I'm in the slow part of the semester right now, but things will pick up in a couple of weeks, I'm sure. This week, we were essentially told that we had nothing to fear but fear itself by our university president. The state legislature and the governor are going to cut our budget, how much remains to be seen. If it becomes a 10% cut, I may be looking for a new job, as I'm a recent hire, and thus the first to be laid off. Anyone looking to hire a tech support guy?

A hiring freeze has already been implemented, so if you were looking for a job at UNI, you're going to be waiting a while. A hiring freeze means that we may not have the faculty we need to teach courses next fall, which in turn means that we may not be able to offer as many classes, which means that some students won't graduate on time. Add the almost-certain increases in tuition that will be coming this fall (think at least 10%) and you've got an unhappy student body to deal with as well.