I've been receiving quite a bit of e-mail regarding my recent iBook review.  I was linked to from Macintouch, iBookZone, and MacSlash, not to mention several of the usual weblogging suspects in the Manila community.  Most of the mail has been positive, but there are always people like this, ready to ruin the reputations of Mac users everywhere:

seth, welcome to the world where TECHNOLOGY WORKS FOR YOU, not the other way around. we mac users have been more productive for years, than pc users, because the os has built in intelligence. we uninstall by dragging things to the trash and emptying it. we NEVER have install nightmares, and unlike *ANY* (incl 2000) windoze os, if you need to re-install the os, you NEVER HAVE TO TOUCH THE APPS. try reinstalling windoze without re-installing the apps. YOU cant- because of the registry.

i hope you realize how dumb (and MS centric) it sounded to anyone who has used solaris, or even the mac os (my macs- (i am responsible for over 20) crash about once per month-- and the crash is ALWAYS repeatable. The os does not go down because someone clicked a mouse button in word!!!!! Windows crashes are truly random, and tend to happen once a week if you dont push your machine, daily if you do. (Pushing means running 3 or more apps simultaneously.)) when you say win2000 is the best os(63,000 bugs sound familiar?)

i run 3d modeling and rendering software on my mac while i surf the internet (with netscape) in the background. if netscape locks up, i just force quit real problems.
lets talk internet explorer-- to 'integrate; this and kill netscape on windows platforms, MS made this a piece of the OS-- they actually made it a 'shell' if you're familiar with unix terminology... that is why it brings down the os if it crashes, and also what make you MUCH more susceptible to hacking...ever meet a peecee user with a drive named other than 'c:'??? i thought not...thats another reason they are so easy to hack.

i am writing currently an article about 'real world' mac advantages, like these and many others. i will forward you a copy of the url it gets published at when it does. it will enlighten you so you dont go around making ignorant statements like 'win2000 is the best os' (Do you know what every win nt and 2000 webserver should be called? "kenny"- cause they die at least once a week!!!bah-da-bump)--- look at the uptimes of various webservers around the world ( it will tell you what REAL stability is- not 'look ma i can run 3 apps at once without crashing'-- just cause a buick is better than your old escort, it doesn't put it in the league of a rolls royce---and when you say it does, you just look dumb.

here is hoping you take this in the friendly spirit it was intended, just to let you know you sounded ignorant (not stupid- just not knowing)


Several others wrote me about using Fire as an OS X native instant messaging client.  I had tried it previously, but found it unstable.  I'm happy to report that the latest builds are working much better for me, so now I only need to reboot into OS 9.1 to watch DVD movies.

And, a few more people complained that the page didn't render properly for them in Netscape 4.X  Several of them accused me of being still biased in favor of Microsoft by not making my web page work with their favorite Mac browser.  My page works just fine in Omniweb, iCab, Mozilla, Netscape 6.1, and Internet Explorer.  Maybe they should just use a browser that works a little better...

I've also been asked by the VP of the Rhode Island Mac Users Group if they can reprint my review in their newsletter (circulation 500).  So, perhaps I'm not the ignoramus that Mr. cjmarch thinks I am.


I read your review of the iBook. Good writing.

I am the VP of the Rhode Island Macintosh User Group. We publish a free 12 - 16 page monthly newsletter, AppleSource. This is distributed to our members

(250+/-) and about 250 others in southeastern New England.

Is it possible to reprint your article. We would credit you and your webpage, note that we are reprinting it with your permission and note that it is a copyright article. We would also provide you with several copies of the newsletter.

thanks for your consideration of this request. Keep up the writing.

Juan Mariscal

VP, Rhode Island Macintosh User Group