When is it a patch and when is it fraud?

I saw a fellow post a message about this to the Mac Managers mailing list that I subscribe to. Apparently, Quark's avenue.quark isn't all they claim it is. Here's a blurb from the front page of eMacsoftware, where you purchase avenue.quark:

Working with QuarkXPress™ avenue.quark™ makes it easy to extract QuarkXPress content in XML format. You can also import XML content into QuarkXPress.

Okay, that's fairly straight-forward, but, if you DO actually purchase the software, you'll find this message:

At the time the avenue.quark 1.0 package was finalized, XML Import was not yet ready for distribution. As soon as it is ready, it will be made available for downloading. To download the software, go to http://www.quark.com/products/avenue/XMLImport.html.

Of course, at that site, all you'll find is:

XML Import QuarkXTensions software (part of avenue.quark 1.0) lets you import XML content into QuarkXPress documents. But it's the way it lets you import XML content that's important. XML Import lets you insert "placeholders" based on element types in an XML DTD. You can then format those placeholders as you would regular text. When you import the XML content, it arrives pre-formatted and ready to go. A preliminary version of XML Import will be posted on this page as soon as it becomes available.

So when is it a late feature, and when is it out-right lying? Advertising the ability to import XML in a product that doesn't actually have the ability seems like it should be illegal to me. This is worse than the "ship it now, patch it later" mentality that many game developers have taken lately, this is more akin to "pay us now, we may or may not provide you with the actual software later".

Shame on you Quark.