Storm Damage

Storm Damage

I just ripped my Eddie Bauer jeans, I snagged my leg on the trim of the building as I was coming through the door. If the air conditioning hadn't kicked back in over lunch, I'd just have grabbed the scissors and made them into cut-offs! Thankfully, EB jeans aren't ridiculously expensive, only around $30 per pair.

I just drank my first can of RC Edge Cola. I guess the Ginseng and Taurine are what give it the "edge". They'll probably give me cancer too. I don't feel like I can wrestle in the WWF now, so apparently their marketing is somewhat misleading. At least it doesn't taste like something which will eat a hole in your stomach, unlike some other ginseng drinks I've tasted. I think my Penguin Mint habit has gotten my caffeine tolerance so high that I'd have to drink a case of this to feel any "edge". Apparently their webmaster does not have the "edge" because this is what half the pages on the site say:

Well, if we didn't spend all our time perfecting our product and coming up with kick-ass promotions, this page would be ready. So which would you rather have — a completed site or a drink that doesn't suck? You be the judge. Come back in a few weeks for the unveiling.

Why do I doubt that the same guy who is maintaining their web site is developing the formula for their cola? Pro Wrestling posters are not exactly a kick-ass promotion in my book. Regarding Taurine, one of the unique ingredients in the cola:

For those considering taurine supplements, taurine is known to have a calming or depressant effect on the central nervous system, and may impair short term memory.

This isn't exactly the "edge" I'm looking for!

I've stopped using the News Item feature of Manila. Why? Because I found myself not posting as much, because some random observation really wasn't worth a whole "article" in the News Items, so I'm back to this method, at least for now.

The storm caused all sorts of fun here at work this morning. I laughed when I saw John's page this morning, as I'd already looked at the Des Moines Register's web site for a story to link to regarding the storm, and was amazed not to find one! They do have this story up now though.

The rocket scientists over at ITS apparently don't put UPS systems on their hubs/switches/media converters. We bought our own to cover our college's switches, so we were okay for the most part, but networking was down all over campus this morning.

Our air conditioning has failed, which is worse than it sounds. Temperatures are approaching 90 degrees in my office, temperature alarms are starting to sound on the RAID arrays. It's not a hot day here, we've just got too much electronics to run without a cooling system, so I've powered down everything but the servers and the switches.

I got my X-Files: Season One box set last night, I wish that Paramount would release Star Trek: The Next Generation this way! It's great getting a whole season on DVD in one set, I've been getting the ST:TNG Laserdiscs slowly from eBay, and I'm not even through the first season yet!