Tonight, we're off to see

Tonight, we're off to see The Capitol Steps at the GBPAC. I'm somewhat amazed that UNI managed to book them two days before election day, talk about timely! We spent yesterday in Manson & Fort Dodge visiting Holly's family, and her step-grandmother, who's in the hospital with congestive heart failure. She's off the vent now, and out of the ICU, and I think she'll probably be home in another day or two, as Al would say, she's on the mend.

This afternoon, we attempted to rake up all the leaves on our lawn, and soon discovered we had a lot more leaves than we'd imagined. The big Maple tree in our front yard had buried the lawn under several inches of big green leaves that are far too green to burn. We filled our 93 gallon yard waste container to the top, and after that gets emptied tomorrow, I'm sure we'll fill it again.