The Republicans picked up enough

The Republicans picked up enough votes to take control of the Senate last night, and they retained control of the House. So, basically, we're going to become a Theocracy controlled by Big Business while we simultaneously destroy the environment and invade the entire Persian Gulf without a coalition. While everyone is distracted, watching that on Fox News, our government will completely wreck social security, give big tax cuts to the wealthy, and pocket millions more dollars from the drug companies in exchange for failing to deliver a true prescription drug benefit. Oh, and the media reports that would normally let you know that this stuff was going on will be censored in the name of Homeland Security, and liberals will start being held at Gitmo in Cuba. On the bright side, Tom Harkin will keep his senate seat, and Tom Vilsack will remain Iowa's governor, so at least two candidates I voted for won. Jenkins and Nussle were re-elected, despite my vote, and I highly doubt the Libertarians I voted for in many of the state and local races won many offices either.

My sister-in-law, Karen Kaufman, won her election, though she was running unopposed, and is a filthy Republican. She'd been serving as an appointed County Attorney in Hancock County, Iowa, and now had to run for her first election. There are only 9 other Attorneys who live in the County, and none of them were interested in the job, so it wasn't exactly a heated race. Here is her report:

Greetings from the duly elected Hancock County Attorney. I am no longer merely an APPOINTED public official, but I have been elected by over 3300 people to put away the bad guys. As the Sheriff likes to say, I'm no longer appointed, I'm annointed. There were 33 write in votes for a variety of other people, including the popular "Anyone but her," "Any man who wants the job," and others that should not be sent in an email that will be read by children.