Insufficient Brain Space

Insufficient Brain Space is reporting that Mac OS X has been delayed yet again. An e-mail from my boss who is at the WWDC informed me that he got his hands on the Developer's Preview Four version that they're giving out there. Mac OS X is the only thing that might make me dump my trusty PeeCee for a Mac. I don't expect it to win me over, but it has a realistic chance. So does the BeOS if it can produce a decent web browser and IMAP client.

I just encountered one of the strangest, stupidest errors I've seen yet. I was installing Norton AntiVirus 2000 on one of our new Dell Laptops. After installing the program, it attempted to run LiveUpdate, which is when I got the message that "There is not enough room for the update on the hard drive..." which is very strange, considering that there is 4GB remaining. After trying to uninstall and reinstall, and restarting, I jumped on Symantec's site, only to find this:

This happens when you have exactly 4 GB, or a multiple of 4 GB, of free disk space and is related to the way that available disk space is calculated. If this happens, the easiest solution is to create a temporary folder and copy 40 to 50 MB of files into that directory. After LiveUpdate runs successfully, you can delete the temporary folder and its contents.

That's just plain weird, looks like I'll just add StarOffice to the machine, that ought to consume some disk space...