I sent Staples an e-mail,

I sent Staples an e-mail, expressing my displeasure with their DMCA action against Fatwallet. Here's what I got back:

Thank you for writing regarding our recent request to remove Staples proprietary information from fatwallet.com. As our customer, you know that Staples leads the industry in providing the office supplies you need at great prices. Because of our leadership position and the competitive environment in which we operate, it is important that our planning and pricing strategies not be made public in advance of (special sales/promotions.)

The advance release of proprietary information to competitors could disrupt our business and adversely affect our ability to serve our customers. It is Staples policy to take action when we become aware of the disclosure of such information. In this instance, we are pleased that fatwallet listened to our concerns and removed the confidential information from their site, as we requested.

I apologize for any misunderstandings this has caused and we do appreciate your feedback. Your opinions are being shared with the appropriate management staff for consideration. Thank you again for writing. Jim

Notice that it doesn't mention Copyright anywhere in that response, though that is what the DMCA is supposed to protect, not just any piece of information that you don't want other people to know.