I have a new definition

I have a new definition of gaming sweetness and that is NCAA Football 2003 in widescreen mode on my Xbox, displayed on my HDTV. Now this is how video game football is meant to be! I took the 20 minutes needed to manually enter all of the names of the ISU Cyclones into the game too, so that the announcers call out their names instead of their numbers. I'm not psychotic (or patient) enough to do that for the entire field of Division 1 teams in the game, however. So far, the game seems pretty well balanced, both passing and running games have the right balance of difficulty, though I'm not much good on defense yet. I'm still amazed by some of the details included in the game. My first game as ISU started with the announcer saying "Welcome to Jack Trice Stadium, on the banks of the Skunk River in Ames, Iowa!" I was impressed by the level of research that's gone into all the teams, and I like the ability to tell the game who your favorite team is, so that even the opening menus are customized to reflect your favorite school.