I'm knee-deep in upgrades this

I'm knee-deep in upgrades this week. The Remote Desktop feature in Windows XP has gotten several faculty members to convert, and I'm upgrading one professor from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 so that her shiny new USB Digital Camera will work with her system. I don't mind this kind of work, it's easy enough, just time consuming, routine enough to be comforting, but not mind-numbingly boring. Everyone wants to do their upgrades this week, because classes start next week, so there is some time pressure involved, thank goodness for my KVM switch, I can do 3 machines at once. I did find time to watch Apple's annoucements yesterday. I'd opt for the new 12" Powerbook over that 17" behemoth. It's an even smaller version of my old iBook, which was a svelte little machine to begin with. But, since I'm cursed with more brains than money, I won't be buying either one anytime soon. My trusty (if somewhat boring) 2.2Ghz Dell Latitude C640 is pretty darned fast, even if it's not made out of Ti or Al, which is okay, since I'm not made out of Au.