While getting dressed this morning,

While getting dressed this morning, I had the following internal dialogue: Me: Darn it, I didn't get any new black socks for Christmas, I put them on my list and everything.

Me: Oh my god, I'm the antithesis of the person I was as a child! [Yes, I used the word "antithesis", even in my head I like to show off my vocabulary] The last thing I ever would have wanted for Christmas was socks! I'm turning into my parents!

Me: Isn't that just the way? When you're a kid, and you don't want socks, you get socks! Now that I want socks, I don't get any, and I have to wear two different brands to form one pair. And is this sock black or navy blue?

Me: Why can't I remember to buy my own socks? What is it that prevents me from buying black socks when I'm at a clothing store? I need to remember to buy socks, this shouldn't be hard. Commit this to memory, BUY....BLACK....SOCKS.

Me: Crap, I'm going to be late to work on the first day of classes because I'm obsessing over socks. Now where the hell are my black shoes?

And, the day pretty much went downhill from there...