Other than an early meeting,

Other than an early meeting, today is being spent at my desk, fixing not one, not two, but THREE inoperative computers. It's easy enough work, doesn't really tax the brain, but I'm starting to get bored and fidgety. I now have over 240 movies in my Netflix queue, and I think I'm running out of quality movies that I haven't seen. Speaking of DVDs, if anyone knows of a list of widescreen documentary DVDs, I'd love a link to it, or I'm going to have to start my own. Now that I have a widescreen TV, I'm a bigot, and watching 4:3 content instead of 16:9 just doesn't do it for me, unless it's extremely compelling.

I'd post about the extremely interesting peek I got at a major computer manufacturer's next laptop series, but I'm under NDA about it. :)