After an extremely hectic week,

After an extremely hectic week, I'm on the road. First stop, Minneapolis! I made it up here last night, in time to have tasy burgers at J Dylan's mom's house for his birthday yesterday, then we caught Seth Mulvihill's band playing at the Uptown Bar, then we came home, I stole his cable modem connection to use on my laptop, and then crashed on his futon. My flight to Vegas doesn't leave until 7:47 tonight (on ATA, which I've never flown). So, we've got some time to run around today. I've heard that they have Pepsi in glass bottles up here, and I'm going to stock up on them, so I can haul them back to Iowa with me when I return.

I also saw a Jimmy John's last night, near the bar, which means I can't leave Minneapolis until I eat there.