Spring has sprung in a

Spring has sprung in a big way here in Iowa. Today was one of those days that reminds you why you live here, and why you suffer through the long cold winters. In short, it was gorgeous. But, the warmer weather brought problems as well, the air conditioning in my building at UNI is off, and I was told by our maintenance guru that it will remain off for at least a month. They've installed new coils for the air conditioner, but not run the well water to them yet, in fact, they haven't even started. So, with the temperature in our computer labs hitting 85 degrees already, we're a bit paranoid that things are going to become unbearable if we have to wait another month.

My office is nice and toasty warm, and since I don't have a window, I can't open it. So, I'm shutting down hot things instead. My vintage 1953 refrigerator that time forgot has been turned off, and is defrosting as we speak. Tomorrow, I'm going to beg, borrow, or steal an 18" or 19" flat panel display so I can power down the spaceheater that is my 21" CRT monitor, then swap a 15" LCD in for my old 17" CRT display as well. Doing all of this should hopefully lower the temperature in my office by 5 degrees F, or so, and keep me from sweating all day.