I'm very afraid. I saw

I'm very afraid. I saw over on Al's weblog that Warner Brothers has optioned a great book, Have Space Suit, Will Travel, by the late great Robert A. Heinlein. This is literally the first Sci-Fi book that I ever read as a child, and so help me God, they'd better not commit blasphemy on the same levels that they did with the last two movies based on Heinlein books, Starship Troopers and The Puppet Masters. I'm realistic, I understand that books have to be changed to be made into movies, but I hate arrogant movie directors that change the story to fit their "creative vision". Here's an idea, if you don't like the story as it's written, don't frickin' option it, go write your own. Paul Verhoeven, I'm talking to you. The Lord of the Rings series is a great example of how to make a movie true to the original work, without royally pissing off all your fans. Hopefully, since the director of Harry Potter has some experience in transferring popular books to the big screen, he won't screw this up.