At The Movies

What did I do on a rainy Memorial Day weekend? I watched movies! Thank goodness for Netflix, they keep me supplied with a steady stream of rented DVD's for my viewing pleasure. Here's what I saw: Road Trip - I went to this movie knowing it would either be really funny or really stupid. Fortunately, it was pretty funny, albeit rather raunchy. It certainly isn't something I'd watch with my grandmother, but if you just want to laugh at an Animal House style college comedy, you'll enjoy this.
My IMDB rating for it: 7 out of a possible 10

For Love of the Game - Yet Another Kevin Costner Baseball Movie, but I liked it a lot, just like Bull Durham and Field of Dreams. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but it's refreshing to see a movie about something that doesn't concern some threat to every person on the planet. I thought it was a movie that both men and women could enjoy equally as well, and Costner's performance is great, though he's upstaged at times by Kelly Preston.
My IMDB rating for it: 9 out of a possible 10

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - I'd never seen this movie until this weekend. Jack Nicholson gives a great performance as a man faking mental illness to avoid serving his sentence at a work farm, instead opting for a state mental hospital. While this isn't exactly a stellar portrait of the mental health field, I had to keep reminding myself that it was set in 1963 and that people aren't lobotimized or given electroconvulsive therapy anymore.
My IMDB rating for it: 7 out of a possible 10