The athletic director at my

The athletic director at my alma mater, Iowa State, wants to fire Larry Eustachy, the head basketball coach. This is after some pictures surfaced of Eustachy boozin' it up with some students after a basketball game in Missouri. In the pictures you can see him drinking some really nasty canned beer, and kissing some college chicks on the cheek (who didn't seem to mind). Now, I'm not going to say that it's a great image for ISU's basketball coach to present, or that it isn't embarassing, but it's not something he should be fired for. He & I are both employees of the Iowa Board of Regents, working for two different universities here, but we're part of one system, we're even both Professional & Scientific class employees. (The other two classes being Merit and Faculty) He makes $1 million/year, I make almost $40,000 (I'm not bragging, my salary is a matter of public record, they publish it every year in the Des Moines Register). If tonight I were to go to a party where some college students were, drink a few beers, and smooch some co-ed on the cheek, would I be fired? Hell no. Even if pictures were published on the web, I doubt I'd lose my job. It might be a bit embarassing, I might get a bit of a lecture from my supervisor, who wouldn't be all that happy with me, but it's not something one is generally fired for.

Consider this, if he were a player, it'd be more of a story if he DIDN'T engage in this kind of behavior. Chew him out, get him some counseling, but don't fire the guy. That's my two cents.