Oops! Looks like Apple let

Oops! Looks like Apple let the cat out of the bag a bit early about their PowerMac G5 systems that will probably be announced on Monday. Last night, this screenshot was captured of the Apple Store, giving away some details of the new machines. I think some web guy saved to the wrong folder, and is probably cleaning out his desk while we speak. I'm glad this happened, in a way, because I think Apple is dumb to cloak their products in such secrecy. They're only computers! Dell doesn't do that, my Dell field rep shows me the roadmaps from time to time, and I know months in advance what new products are in the works, some of the features they'll have, and when they'll ship, down to the exact day, it lets me know how to plan our PC purchases, rather than play the waiting and guessing game with Apple, and never knowing if you're about to get screwed because a newer revision will be released next week.