I'm at the Google Party,

I'm at the Google Party, wrapping up Gnomedex. A band called Soul Mind is playing, Google is providing good food, beer, and free hats! I grabbed an extra one for my dad, he likes hats. Just because you're among fellow geeks doesn't mean you should let your hair down TOO far, earlier I saw an older geek in the 45-55 age range looking at porn on his laptop, and while he was nearly in the corner table, it was pretty obvious to anyone within 35 feet what he was looking at. Ick.

I had a good conversation out in the hallway with Rob Malda of Slashdot earlier, I mentioned the RSS block to him, and he said they'd already caught it and added the IP to their list of firewalls, so that the RSS ban wouldn't kick in again. I also talked to him about the time he Slashdotted one of our servers at work. I didn't hold a grudge. :)

We talked for probably 10 minutes or so, he's a smart guy, but talks at an almost manic pace that's even hard for me to keep up with. We talked a bit about weblog software, and other things which I won't mention here. Someone said on their blog that Rob has no filter between his brain and his mouth, talking with him is total stream-of-consciousness, which is fun.