I renewed my driver's license today. I'm posting the photo below, it's horrible. I took one look at it and said "Is that really me?" I then felt motivated to go work out at the WRC after work. I look like a hitman for the mafia, only slightly more cheerful.

I'm playing with the latest nightly build of Mozilla today, it's certainly come a long ways from the early days, but I'm not ready to give up Internet Explorer as my primary browser yet. I just wish they'd get the BeOS port back up to date, the three things that the BeOS lacks, in my opinion, are a fully functional web browser, a good IMAP mail client, and multiple user support. Having a solid port of Mozilla would eliminate fill two of these three gaps.

I attended my first CedarLUG meeting last night, as did about 7 other people. I think they'll probably be more beneficial to attend when classes are in session, due to a higher attendance. It was definitely the stereotypical geek crowd in attendance, we wound up watching Ninja Scroll, which left me wondering who was sadder, the Japanese for making something so violent and foul, or the American geeks who dig this stuff so much.