They just issued the Last

They just issued the Last Call for the Wi-Fi network here at Gnomedex, so I'll be signing off now. I've had a good time, and if you were wondering whether or not you'd enjoy it, I can say without a doubt that you would have. I'm not one of the LockerGnome fanboys, I'd never met anyone here before, though I'd chatted with Gretchen some, and Howard and I have e-mailed each other before. I still had a good time, and I'm surely going to come back next year. At $99, it's a bargain in terms of the quality of speakers we got to hear, all of which were gracious to anyone who wanted to chat them up elsewhere. I never saw any of them trying to get away from a fellow geek wanting to talk tech with them. If you live in Iowa, and are a tech person, it's a no brainer, you should come to this conference. If you're farther away, pay a visit to our fair state, things are pretty cheap here, and you can have a great time here at Gnomedex on a very limited budget. Everyone has been friendly, and the LockerGnome people have worked their ass off to pull this whole thing together. Kudos for them on pulling it off with nary a hitch, (other than the rogue wi-fi networks that caused havoc the first day).

So, when can I register for next year?!?!?!