This is freaky, these two

This is freaky, these two news stories showed up together on just now. They both seem like something you'd see on Six Feet Under or Dead Like Me. First, a tourist in Las Vegas was walking barefoot (Barefoot? On the Strip? Eww!) when she got electrocuted by a traffic signal wiring box. Next, a surgical resident is decapitated by a malfunctioning elevator. I tell you, it's not even safe to leave the house anymore. Particularly gruesome is the fact that there was a woman stuck inside the elevator with the severed head for 20 minutes. That's gonna leave a mark... Update: Alert reader Rowena Tan told me about this story, from yesterday. A long-haired carny (Gee, what are the chances of that? He should have stuck with a mullet) got his hair caught in a passing roller coaster car, and wound up dead. That gives us a trifecta of weird deaths in 24 hours. Truth really is stranger than fiction.