Second City

I saw a great show last night at the new Performing Arts Center here at UNI. The Second City comedy troupe from Chicago put on a free show, and it was absolutely hilarious. It's a shame not many people came, for there were only about 60 of us in a performance hall that seats over 1200. The show wasn't advertised at all, I heard about it through word-of-mouth, and it wasn't even listed on UNI's calendar of events. It's a shame that such a talented group of performers got such a lackluster audience. Their improv bits paid the price, most of the audience suggestions they got were too lame to do much with. I've set up a Shoutcast server to broadcast my MP3 collection. This way I can listen to them all at home, as well as at work. Wanna try it out? Use Winamp or some other decent MP3 player, click here, and open the resulting file.