Holy Hail Storm, Batman!

Holy hail storm, Batman!

From OSOpinion: Apple's secret stragegy: Destroy Windows While I do think that Mac OS X will be very cool, if implemented well. I doubt that Apple will be producing an identical x86-compatible version as well, they depend on their pricey hardware sales too much to let everyone run Mac OS X on their PC's. While they may win a new round of converts to their OS if they did make such a move, Apple is too used to having control of both the hardware and the OS, they'd flounder if they tried to support the millions of possible configurations of PC hardware.

I got my first four boxes of Penguin Mints yesterday from ThinkGeek. They're like Altoids, but without sugar and with caffeine. My nifty new Tux polo shirt came too!

My boss asked me to call FileMaker this afternoon. We upgraded our server to FileMaker Server 5, in the hopes of getting some issues with our task-tracking database resolved. He'd called them once already about the issue, they promised to fax us some information, it never showed up. I call up their help line, enter my incident number, and am told that the incident is closed. I have to hang up, I call back, and choose to enter our support number again, and I'm told that it's expired! After an exasperated call to our sales rep, who transferred me to a different tech support number, I sat on hold for 20 minutes, then reached someone who told me that yes, apparently, our incident was accidentally closed, and he'd fax the info right away. It's been a half hour, and still no fax.....

I installed Storm Linux successfully today. I've only played with the distribution for a half-hour or so, but I'm impressed so far. It's based on Debian, and has a really nice graphical installer. The CD came free with my first issue of Maximum Linux Magazine.

Last night I set up a "JunkBusting Proxy Server" using the free software available from JunkBusters.com. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, since I do use eAds banners on my personal site, but I have to pay for the domain and hosting costs somehow! :) If you'd like to see what it does, configure your web browsers to use as a proxy server, you'll want to connect to port 8000. You probably won't want to use this permanently, as it's on my home system, and my cable modem doesn't have much in the way of upstream bandwidth.

From 32BitsOnline.com, Will Rambus Go Bust? I'm hoping so! I looked over some of the systems that Dell is selling, and they want $360 to add an additional 128MB of RAM! I could get a machine with 512MB of SDRAM for less than one with 256MB of RAMBUS!

I awoke this morning to the sound of thousands of marble-sized hailstones hitting my roof. Thank goodness my car was in the garage!