My copy of For Us,

My copy of For Us, The Living arrived last night. I'm about 75% done reading it, and will post a review when I'm done. I checked in on the Heinlein newsgroup to see what was being said, and everyone else is reading it too. I did find this tidbit, however, about some Heinlein predictions coming true:

Meanwhile, Thomas Perls of Harvard is hunting for longevity genes. Perls noticed a decade ago that people who live to be 100 are often in remarkably good shape. Today, he runs the New England Centenarian Project, whose participants must be 100 years old and have siblings who lived to be over 90. By looking at DNA taken from some 600 participants so far, Perls has found that a region on chromosome four appears to help its carriers become healthy geezers.

Perls and his colleagues have formed a company called Centagenetix to narrow the search for the longevity gene. Once it’s identified, Centagenetix will try to produce a Methuselah pill that mimics the activity of the proteins made by the longevity gene.

Some day, we'll all be members of the Howard family. :)

I also saw a post from Spider Robinson, Science-Fiction author, and Heinlein fan/friend:

I have just been given final approval by the Heinlein Trust to write a novel based on a detailed outline created by Robert in 1955. It will be billed as "Robert A. Heinlein's VARIABLE STAR, by Spider Robinson." The book proposal is even now being prepared for market by my (and Robert's) agent Eleanor Wood. The first 10,000 words are already written.