This story made me chuckle,

This story made me chuckle, especially how this squatter got married during the course of his life on the golf course, and that his wife lived on the course with him. Now, you might think the golf course is being heartless, but I love this quote:

Bethel turned down a job in course maintenance because he wanted to be self-employed, McKeon said.

Ahh, yes, he's obviously sane...

Golfers who had become accustomed to seeing Bethel on the course were surprised by his banishment.

"It seems a shame that someone who is an institution on the course can't be grandfathered in," golfer Jim Adamson said.

"He's a nice guy," agreed golfer Mario Deif. "You have to admire someone who has debunked modern life and lives off the land."

Now, I don't know about you, but when I hear the phrase "living off the land", I don't picture a bum and his wife scrounging for golf balls in Miami...